Traditional and Contemporary Song in Three-Part Harmony



Peter Wray, George Chippendale and Steve Lavington are Baldrick's Plan, a harmony trio specialising in traditional and more recent folk song, mainly English but with a nod and a wink to Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Although they live in Cornwall, none of the trio are actually from the county and, for this reason, they don't tend to sing Cornish material, believing that there are so many other artists in the area who already do this so admirably.

Who's Who... ?

Peter Wray

Peter hails from the North East of England. He is a long-established singer and musician, and has performed at many clubs and festivals throughout the country, whether singing unaccompanied, a capella with renowned 70's group Willard's Leap, or with multi-instrumentalist bands, as well as pursuing a well-respected solo practice. Peter enjoys a reputation as a fine interpreter of traditional and contemporary song and as a performer who truly sings from the heart.

George Chippendale

George started his assault on the folk scene in the 70s on the London circuit and then in Kent, first as a solo singer-guitarist and then as part of Pendragon with Dick Gair and then Nothing Yet with Tracy Wallace via a 4 year sojourn in Zimbabwe. Moving to Derbyshire in 1990, George formed Flatdog and Firedog which lasted until his move to Cornwall in 2010. George plays “anything with strings” but has a deep-seated love of close harmony vocal arrangements, particularly of songs in the traditional vein. George is also a structural engineer and luthier and lives in Newlyn with wife Helen.

Steve Lavington

Steve has sung in many choirs and many venues - from St Paul's Cathedral to the Birmingham Hippodrome. Having spent his earlier years on competitive sport at an international level and his career as an educational psychologist, he now gains real enjoyment from solo and close harmony singing. Although a relative newcomer to the folk scene, he has a genuine love and enthusiasm for the singing of British folk song, and his style of performance is ideally suited to the material the group presents.



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