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Traditional and Contemporary Song in Four-part Harmony

Dates 2022....

09/01/22: Anti-Shanty Session, Countryman Inn, Piece, Redruth

21/01/22: Bodmin Folk Club

26/02/22: Kana Kernow with Paul Sartin, Marazion

03/03/22: Loudest Shout, Black Flag Brewery, Perranporth

03/05/22: Truro Folk Club

11/05/22: Penzance Folk Club

22/05/22: Dreamers Folk Club, Four Lanes, Redruth

27/05/22: Chippenham Folk Festival

28/05/22: Chippenham Folk Festival

29/05/22: Chippenham Folk Festival

18/06/22: Tag der Shanty Chöre, Cuxhaven, Germany (Trio)

19/06/22: Tag der Shanty Chöre, Cuxhaven, Germany (Trio)

22./06/22: Terzo Mondo, Berlin, Germany (Trio)

23/06/22: Garden Party Event, Potsdam, Germany (Trio)

24/06/22 Neben*an, Munster, Germany (Trio)

25./06/22 House Concert, Hennef, Germany (Trio)